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“Queen of Tears” Lead Kim Soo Hyun’s Father Gets Married, But The Actor’s Fans Are Not Impressed

The actor is reported to have not attended the wedding.

Queen of Tears male lead Kim Soo Hyun‘s father (and lead vocalist of a 1980s rock band, Seven Dolphins), Kim Choong Hoon, held a wedding with his long-time partner, An.

Vocalist Kim Choong Hoon | THE FACT

Korean news outlet THE FACT revealed in an exclusive report that while Kim and An had been married for a while, the two never celebrated with an official ceremony. During the wedding held on April 13, 2024 (KST), Kim told the guests that he was “grateful for An who stayed by [his] side even when [he] was nobody” and that he “had always wanted to put a bridal veil on An, even if belated.”

THE FACT and other news outlets also added that Kim wanted the wedding to be small and private, all in the hopes of “not causing trouble” to his son, Kim Soo Hyun. In fact, the actor was reported to have not attended the wedding.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun | @soohyun_k216/Instagram

Following the reports, however, the actor’s fans expressed extreme discontent with the actor’s father and the news of his “hoped-to-be” private wedding. Calling him out for “using his son’s name for publicity yet again,” fans criticized Kim and sympathized with Kim Soo Hyun for constantly “having his name involved” in matters outside his control.

| theqoo
  • “The father actually appears on TV quite often these days and every single time, he sells himself as Kim Soo Hyun’s dad.”
  • “From what I know, Kim Soo Hyun’s parents got divorced and he grew up living with his mom only. So he’s not close to his father at all… I hope both the father and the half sister would stop using his name for publicity.”
  • “What’s wrong with [the people around him]? Stop ruining the K-Drama for me. I love watching him act…”
  • “Wow…”
  • “I had no idea Kim Soo Hyun’s father was a vocalist.”
  • “There’s a reason Kim Soo Hyun never talks about his father. LOL. It’s obvious they’re not close.”
  • “This father-man wanted a small and private wedding, so he called the press and let them know about the fact that Kim Soo Hyun wasn’t there? Tried to make it seem like he’s the one who didn’t want Kim Soo Hyun there? Hilarious. But not really.”

This is not the first time Kim Soo Hyun’s family faced backlash for mentioning the actor’s name. Kim Choong Hoon’s daughter—and half sister to the actor, vocalist Juna Kim was also once accused of using her half brother’s fame for her own benefit.

the kims 2019
Kim Choong Hoon (left) with Kim Soo Hyun (right) in 2019. | Segye

In 2015, Juna Kim (who first became famous on PRODUCE 101) revealed that she is actor Kim Soo Hyun’s half sister while promoting her original soundtrack album for the K-Drama High Society. Juna Kim then added “Kim Soo Hyun” under “Family” in her public profile, adding fuel to the fire. For fans, who had known Kim Soo Hyun to be an only child up to that point, the news came across as shocking and potentially controversial.

Kim Juna
Juna Kim from “PRODUCE 101” | Mnet

Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, KEYEAST at the time, issued a statement confirming the family ties between the two celebrities but also noted that the two grew up completely separate and without any interaction.

To be frank, it is not out of the question for Kim Soo Hyun’s biological mother to consider Kim Soo Hyun her only child. Following the recent revelations, Kim Soo Hyun expressed concern that his mother’s feelings would be hurt. It became evident that Kim Soo Hyun has been referring to himself as an only child to be considerate to his mother and protect her from speculations. Therefore, we ask for your kind understanding as to why the actor had not previously disclose any information about his family.


Juna Kim claimed that she had no intention of using her half brother’s name for publicity, but faced fierce backlash nonetheless.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kim-soo-hyun-father-kim-choonghoon-wedding-juna-kim/

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