Popular Filipina Actress Francine Diaz Has

Popular Filipina Actress Francine Diaz Has Netizens Falling In Love With Her Adorable Pronunciation Of TXT’s Name

It comes despite worries that she would be criticized.

On April 10, idols and stars from across Asia attended the ASEAN Prize 2024 event in Japan. One of the non-idol attendees was the beautiful and popular Filipina actress Francine Diaz.

Actress Francine Diaz

Francine stole the hearts of fans with her visuals and looked beautiful in both a red dress for the red carpet and an angelic white look for the ceremony itself.

| @francinediaz/Instagram
| @francinediaz/Instagram
| @francinediaz/Instagram
| @francinediaz/Instagram

During the event, netizens were obsessed when the actress announced the award for “ASEAN GLOBAL KPOP LEADERS.”

When it came to announcing the winner, netizens were soft AF as the actress announced TXT but pronounced it as “Tomorrow Times Together,” which makes sense, looking at the way the group’s name is spelled.

TXT couldn’t have looked any happier as they realized they won and greeted everyone at the venue.

When the clip was shared, Francine’s adorable way of saying TXT gained attention. Some netizens were worried that Francine might get hate for her mistake…

But the reaction couldn’t have been any more different. When the clip was shared, MOAs found Francine absolutely adorable, and they loved how she said it, taking the wording of the group literally. Others explained that it was an easy mistake, considering she wouldn’t have known the results beforehand and just read off the paper.

As always, MOAs have shown just how kind and genuine they are, and it’s not surprising that many have fallen in love with Francine even more.


Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/filipina-actress-francine-diaz-adorable-pronunciation-txt/

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