Popular Actress’s Brother Exposed As Suspect

Popular Actress’s Brother Exposed As Suspect In Death Of Ex-Girlfriend

The actress is currently filming a K-Drama.

The brother of an actress is suspected of stalking a woman who ultimately fell from her 9th-floor apartment to her death.

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On April 16, a netizen claiming to be a family member of the deceased revealed shocking allegations about the identity of the man, who is being investigated in the woman’s death.

We are the family member of the woman in her 20s who fell to her death after being harassed for 13 hours. We are living our lives in pain and tears while the suspect, even during investigations, is living his life, updating his social media as if nothing happened. We also hear that his sister is also living her life normally and is filming a drama.

— Netizen

The netizen’s claims have since sparked mass speculation over the identity of the actress. The actress’s brother is alleged to have been abusive while dating the woman, and when she broke up with him, the suspect is said to have rang her doorbell for 17 hours while continuously calling her.

One month after breaking up with the actress’s brother, the woman fell to her death. The actress’s brother is said to have been with the woman at the time and was the person who called the police. According to the suspect, the woman voluntarily fell to her death after they had gotten into an argument. Police are currently investigating her death.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/actress-brother-suspect-girlfriend-death/

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