Park Chan-wook’s new work, ‘The Sympathizer’,

Park Chan-wook’s new work, ‘The Sympathizer’, premieres today on Coupang Play

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The latest work by world-renowned director Park Chan-wook, ‘The Sympathizer’, meets global audiences today through Coupang Play. This piece captures the psychological agony and conflict experienced between two different civilizations and ideologies through the story of a Vietnamese mixed-race young man who seeks asylum in the United States after the defeat in the 1970s.

The first episode of ‘The Sympathizer’ thrillingly portrays the tense life of the protagonist, a captain acting as a communist spy, on the eve of the fall of Free Vietnam. The protagonist serves as a double spy between South Vietnam and North Vietnam, tasked with rooting out communist spies while leaking military secrets of Free Vietnam to the North. The psychological conflict and confusion the protagonist, a French-Vietnamese mixed race, experiences add depth to the series and spark curiosity about future developments.

Having already received a warm response in the United States at its world premiere last week, ‘The Sympathizer’, with Park Chan-wook’s signature blend of cynical humor and serious exploration, has garnered praise. IndieWire described the work as something that “will open your eyes and prompt action,” while TIME Magazine hailed it as a “bold, ambitious, and dazzling TV series.” Furthermore, Inverse named it “the best work of HBO this year,” and Collider predicted that “‘The Sympathizer’ will undoubtedly become a classic.”

Directed by Park Chan-wook, ‘The Sympathizer’ is scheduled to release new episodes every week starting from 8 PM on April 15th, exclusively available on Coupang Play. Through this work, Director Park is expected to leave a profound impression on global audiences with his more mature storytelling and direction. Please look forward to the future developments of ‘The Sympathizer’ and news on Director Park Chan-wook’s next projects.


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