Park Bo Gum Has 2024’s Most

Park Bo Gum Has 2024’s Most Awkward Photo Op

Park Bo Gum tried (and failed) to play matchmaker.

Park Go Bum has played “cupid” with an IRL married couple at a Wonderland event, but it got extremely awkward.

Actor Park Bo Gum | @bogummy/Instagram

On May 31, the cast of Wonderland attended the press preview and at one point, the stage was full of the main cast and the director Kim Tae Yong.

The cast and director of “Wonderland

While Suzy and Park Bo Gum have made netizens question whether they’re a couple with their promotions, there’s actually a real-life couple as actress Tang Wei is married to the Wonderland director Kim Tae Yong. The couple made a hilarious moment during the photo wall when Park Bo Gum seemingly had to play Cupid.

As the director made his way to the cast, Park Bo Gum started motioning for him to stand next to his wife.

They both seemed reluctant to stand together as Kim Tae Yong chose to stand at the end of the line.

When they pointed out that he should be in the center (next to his wife), Tang Wei decided to move to the end and stand next to Suzy. Park Bo Gum wasn’t letting it go so easily and continued to motion for Tae Yong to stand next to Tang Wei.

Eventually, he moved to stand next to Tang Wei but she immediately moved closer to Suzy and linked arms with her.

They eventually took the cute photos but to any outsider, they wouldn’t know an IRL couple was there.

The tweet was shared and instantly gained attention.

While some fans were shocked after realizing that Tang Wei was actually married to the director, others loved the interactions between the cast and how Park Bo Gum was trying to encourage the happy couple to sit together.

Park Bo Gum tried to play Cupid, and it definitely worked as the married couple ended up standing together.

Source: @moonliebe_/Twitter


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