Outraged Fans Organise Protest After Speculations

Outraged Fans Organise Protest After Speculations That BoA Is Retiring Due To Malicious Comments

Fans claim SM Entertainment has failed to protect her.

Fans of BoA are rallying together to protest SM Entertainment’s deemed failure to protect the star from malicious comments online. The outrage started after BoA hinted at a possible retirement soon.

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| @boakwon/Instagram

Fans are now assuming the SM Entertainment star is only considering retirement due to the relentless negative comments she’s faced over the years.

“Now that my contract is ending, I can retire, right??” | @boakwon/Instagram

The planned protest will feature trucks carrying messages directly to SM Entertainment, calling out the company for its “24 years of inaction” and demanding a robust response to the online harassment that BoA has endured. Her supporters are making it clear that they expect the company to take a stand and implement measures to combat malicious commenters actively.

The situation reached a boiling point recently when BoA openly addressed her critics on Instagram, expressing her frustration with the constant scrutiny over her appearance and personal choices.

If I don’t take care of my self, you criticize me for not taking care of myself. When I do, you criticize me all the same. If I put on a little bit of weight because you keep saying I lost too much and that I need to gain a little, then you criticize me for being ‘a pig.’ I don’t know what you all look like but don’t live like that. Stop wasting your time.

Also, I’m sorry, but I’m BoA.

— BoA via Instagram

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Adding to the challenges, BoA’s venture into acting with her role in the K-Drama Marry My Husband became another avenue for criticism. Despite her efforts, some viewers found it hard to engage with the drama due to their perceptions of BoA’s acting and appearance, further exacerbated by unfounded plastic surgery rumors.

boa marry my husband
BoA in “Marry My Husband” | tvN

BoA addressed these criticisms quickly, reassuring fans about her appearance and explaining that her use of braces since 2023 had affected her facial expressions.

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| TheQoo

This series of events has ignited a passionate response from BoA’s fanbase, who see the protest as a necessary step to support the artist. They argue that BoA’s contributions to the K-Pop industry, as well as SM Entertainment, and her enduring presence as a performer merit a respectful and safe environment free from baseless and harmful attacks.

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