One of the most anticipated films

One of the most anticipated films in the Korean film industry, “The Outlaws 4,” is set to meet the audience soon

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At the center of this, actress Lee JuBin heightened expectations for the film by naming Ma DongSeok and Park JiHwan as the actors she had the best chemistry with. Lee JuBin recently shared her personal preferences along with behind-the-scenes stories of the film shooting through the Esquire Korea YouTube Channel.

In “The Outlaws 4,” Lee JuBin plays the role of Han JiSoo, a cyber investigation unit investigator who is more accustomed to paperwork and computers than fieldwork, but is full of passion for on-site investigations. She emphasized not only her chemistry with Ma DongSeok but also the unexpected and fantastic chemistry with Park JiHwan, stimulating the curiosity of the audience about the film.

Lee JuBin candidly revealed her personal tastes in the interview. For example, she used to enjoy drinking but has now become a lightweight, getting drunk off just one beer. She also mentioned she loves traveling and has explored seas around the world, with the deep navy of the South Sea leaving a lasting impression. She added that she enjoys driving and when the weather is nice, she can’t stay home and goes out for solo camping and traveling.

“The Outlaws 4” tells the story of Ma SeokDo (played by Ma DongSeok), a detective who confronts a large-scale online illegal gambling organization. The film unfolds the battle with the villain Baek ChangKi (played by Kim MuYeol), a former special forces mercenary, and Jang DongChul (played by Lee DongHwi), a genius CEO in the IT industry, showcasing a joint operation between the violent crimes unit and the cyber team to root out crime. With Lee JuBin’s charming performance, the film’s release is scheduled for the 24th, drawing keen interest from the audience.

Lee JuBin’s interview has further heightened the anticipation for “The Outlaws 4.” The chemistry she mentioned with Ma DongSeok and Park JiHwan, as well as her performance as a cyber investigation unit investigator, is gathering audience expectations. It’s exciting to see what new charms and tensions “The Outlaws 4” will bring to the audience, and how the unforgettable chemistry Lee JuBin talked about will shine in the film.


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