Oh Yun Soo Confirmed To Reunite

Oh Yun Soo Confirmed To Reunite With Han Suk Kyu For First Time In 31 Years In New Drama

Actress Oh Yun Soo has been confirmed to reunite with Han Suk Kyu through MBC’s most-anticipated new drama “Such a Close Traitor” (working title)!

On April 16, it was confirmed that Oh Yun Soo will be starring in the upcoming drama “Such a Close Traitor.”

“Such a Close Traitor” is a new psychological thriller that depicts the dilemma faced by Korea’s top profiler Jang Tae Soo (Han Suk Kyu) as he discovers the secret of his daughter related to a murder case he is investigating. The drama also stars Han Ye Ri as police officer Lee Eoh Jin and Chae Won Bin as Jang Tae Soo’s only daughter Jang Ha Bin.

Oh Yun Soo will be joining the cast as Jang Tae Soo’s ex-wife and Jang Ha Bin’s mother Yoon Ji Su. Yoon Ji Su is a character who is at the center of the mysterious narrative between father Jang Tae Soo and daughter Jang Ha Bin and will play a crucial role in amplifying the mystery of the drama.

The drama will not only mark Han Suk Kyu’s first return to an MBC drama after 29 years since starring in “Hotel” in 1995, but it will also mark the first reunion of Han Suk Kyu and Oh Yun Soo in about 31 years since the 1993 MBC drama “Son and Daughter.” The two actors will be working together as a divorced couple in the new project.

Executive producer Namgoong Sung Woo who planned “Such a Close Traitor” remarked, “The mere fact that the two actors who experienced the history of MBC dramas are reuniting in a MBC drama is a key point that makes viewers look forward to ‘Such a Close Traitor.’ Please show lots of anticipation and support for the performance of the two actors, who shine just by their names alone.”

Are you excited for this new thriller drama? Stay tuned for more updates!

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