Oh YoonAh’s Brave Confession: Battling Thyroid

Oh YoonAh’s Brave Confession: Battling Thyroid Cancer and Her Son’s Growth Story

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On Channel A’s ‘4-Person Table’, a story full of emotion and courage unfolded. Actress Oh YoonAh shared a message of love and hope about her surgery for thyroid cancer and her son Min’s developmental disabilities with her close colleagues.

Oh YoonAh first honestly shared the difficulties her son Min had faced since birth. “He had breathing difficulties from birth, and everything, including walking, was slow,” she recalled, sharing the shock and pain she felt when she received a suspicion of autism at the daycare. Despite this, she followed the hospital’s recommendation to attend a child development therapy center and worked hard for her son’s development alongside treatment.

She also faced personal pain. Despite severe stress and pain between work and motherhood, Oh YoonAh fulfilled her professional responsibilities and went to the filming site every day. During one shoot, upon the recommendation of the camera director, she visited a hospital and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She confessed that surgery was inevitable due to a large tumor, but she could only undergo surgery after the drama shooting had ended.

Oh YoonAh’s story deeply resonated with many people. Her courage and determination to actively address her health issues while paying more attention to her son’s health and development touched many people.

Oh YoonAh’s confession goes beyond a simple story of battling illness; it’s a story about the constant effort and love of a person who doesn’t lose hope despite difficulties. Many people are sending their support and encouragement for the path she and her family will walk in the future. While hoping that Oh YoonAh and her son Min will enjoy more happiness in the future, we also hope their story will give strength and courage to many more people.

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