NewJeans Minji’s Expression In First Public

NewJeans Minji’s Expression In First Public Outing Since HYBE Feud Sparks Concerns From Media And Fans

NewJeans’ involvement in ADOR’s feud with HYBE is taking a toll.

NewJeans member Minji‘s first public appearance since ADOR and HYBE‘s feud is going viral.


On April 23, Minji attended a Chanel event in the trendy neighborhood of Seongsu-dong. The appearance is the idol’s first since ADOR and HYBE’s very public feud.

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On this day, the idol appeared in an all black outfit. In the photos taken by reporters, Minji had a very sophisticated outfit and seemed more mature than her previous appearances. She sported a dark navy ensemble which was minimalistic in design but made to stand out with the accessories, it also emphasized her unreal proportions.


Despite the idol’s beautiful visuals, journalists noticed that as she posed for the camera, she had on a stoic expression. Journalists reported that the idol seemed exhausted, and that the idol did not smile once during her appearance.


Netizens reacted to Minji’s appearance, with many expressing concerns. Still, many netizens commented on how beautiful she looked.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 12.49.26 PM

  • “She’s pretty AF.”
  • “She’s pretty, but she must have so many conflicting feelings.”
  • “She’s pretty, but her expression seems dark, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “I can’t help but comment on her beauty before worrying about her ㅠ. Please make the wise choice so we can see you for a long time, Minji.”
  • “Everything except her visuals must seem like a mess.”
  • “It must have been so hard for her today.”
  • “Her shoes, lol. Minji hwaiting!”
  • “Her expression…”

What are your thoughts?

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