NewJeans’ Fandom Accuses HYBE Of Sending

NewJeans’ Fandom Accuses HYBE Of Sending Protest Trucks To Themselves

“Stop using Bunnies for your media play.”

Earlier in the day on April 24, 2024, it was reported that fans had sent trucks to the HYBE building to protest against ADOR’s Min Hee Jin. The trucks contained the following messages.

  • Min Hee Jin, stop slandering the other HYBE artists.
  • Min Hee Jin, stop using the NewJeans’ members and their families.
  • Bunnies support HYBE’s artist NewJeans.
| theqoo

The trucks came out of no where, with no fan groups taking ownership of them. Usually when protest trucks are sent, the fan union or fan who sends them will speak up about the logistics of the truck, taking responsibility. This time, the lack of ownership sparked doubt amongst the fans themselves. Many Bunnies (NewJeans’ fans) have stepped up to denounce the trucks. Bunnies deny ever sending the trucks.

Bunnies’ tweet.

Who are you to use the term “Bunnies” as if it represents all Bunnies’ opinion? And “we support HYBE’s artist NewJeans?” Although I will be supporting NewJeans no matter what company they are under, or even  no company, let’s just lay low to watch over how this situation ends, and support the girls.

— Sunflower050511

Many have also accused HYBE of media play. In many articles that have revealed allegations against Min Hee Jin, the content is continuously being edited, changing from “usurping management rights” to “attempts to usurp,” revealing just how inconclusive the accusations are.


Why would we send a truck? Might as well send an owl. Sneaky of them, trying to create buzz to make it sound like bunnies are supporting them. They also changed “usurp” to “attempts to usurp” in their articles. There’s nothing that has been revealed properly yet. Are you guys going to side with that pig ultimately?

— Mycatismandoo

What is more, is that fans have found evidence that the first and original source of the pictures for the trucks were from a news article written by reporter Lee Gun Hee at Aju News.

First source for trucks report.

They have since accused Lee Gun Hee of being under HYBE’s payroll to create media play to their benefit. Bunnies then began to suspect that HYBE may have sent the trucks to themselves, to intimidate Min Hee Jin and sway the public.

Further investigation by Koreaboo shows that Lee Gun Hee was also the one to break the article that claimed Min Hee Jin “has mentioned in private settings that BTS copied her.” Apart from claiming that “it has been said” as such, he provided no context or evidence of the claim, effectively painting Min Hee Jin in a negative light, dragging ARMYs into the situation needlessly.

Article by Lee Gun Hee about BTS and Min Hee Jin.

He also has other instances where he paints HYBE in a positive light over Min Hee Jin. Recently, he titled his article “‘Similar to NewJeans’ ILLIT who was targetted by Min Hee Jin… Says they are thankful to HYBE.

Article by Lee Gun Hee about ILLIT.

Lastly, in his coverage over the entire feud, he claimed in his title that “‘Seizing Power’ vs ‘Copied Me’… Feud between HYBE and Min Hee Jin, no matter who wins, NewJeans will be affected.”

Article by Lee Gun Hee about the feud.

As such, Bunnies are upset that their name is being used by HYBE for media play to win the war against Min Hee Jin. While Bunnies do not necessarily support Min Hee Jin, they are far from supportive of HYBE too.


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