NewJeans Battles Cyberbullying: A Victory for

NewJeans Battles Cyberbullying: A Victory for K-Pop

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In an unprecedented move that underscores the increasing challenges faced by K-pop idols in the digital age, the rising girl group NewJeans has successfully taken a stand against cyberbullying. This development comes after a notorious YouTuber known for spreading malicious rumors about the group, operating under the moniker ‘Middle School 7th Grader’, was compelled to delete their account following legal action initiated by NewJeans’ agency, Adore.

The incident came to light when the YouTuber released a video titled “Apology from Middle School 7th Grader Sued by NewJeans” on their channel on April 11. In the video, the individual expressed shock and confusion over the lawsuit, stating, “I woke up to find out that Adore had sued me. I never had any interest in idols initially, and I started posting for fun, never expecting things to escalate to this level.” Despite the video’s purportedly apologetic nature, the YouTuber’s failure to acknowledge their wrongdoing and their flippant tone only served to fuel the anger of many fans.

Further complicating matters, the authenticity of the YouTuber’s remorse was called into question as they revealed, “Thankfully, I didn’t apply for monetization. Still, being human, I’m scared and shaken,” and mentioned that the apology was penned by someone named Minji, choosing to omit it from their statement.

Although it remains unclear whether NewJeans directly filed the lawsuit against the YouTuber, the account’s subsequent deletion marks a significant turn of events. Prior to this incident, on April 10, The New York Times reported that Adore had petitioned a U.S. court to compel Google to disclose the identities of users who spread defamatory content about the group. Should the court comply, Adore would be empowered to pursue legal action for defamation and slander against the culprits.

This course of action by NewJeans and their agency represents a formidable response to the pervasive issue of cyberbullying in the entertainment industry. It sends a clear message about the seriousness with which such offenses are treated and may set a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future. As the situation continues to develop, fans and observers alike wait with bated breath for further updates, hopeful that this marks the beginning of a safer online environment for all artists.


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