NewJeans And KBS Accused Of “Disrespecting”

NewJeans And KBS Accused Of “Disrespecting” LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, Sparking Debate

Many have stated they believe a “witch hunt” is taking place.

Amid the ongoing issues between ADOR and HYBE, NewJeans have been accused of being “rude” to LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae.

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On May 31, KBS’s Music Bank took place, with NewJeans nominated for first place against aespa. Ultimately, NewJeans’ “How Sweet” won first place, earning the group their second win for the song.

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As usual, the group delivered a speech to celebrate their first-place win, and it was at this time that the alleged “disrespect” took place. Eunchae, an MC for Music Bank, was on stage as the group accepted the award and delivered their speech.

Near the end of the speech, there was an extended silence, and Eunchae could be seen checking to see if the members were done speaking.

Once Eunchae begins to speak, Danielle of NewJeans begins to speak, thanking ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. The camera also switches back to Eunchae after this moment.

Many have seen these instances as a sign of disrespect due to the mention of Min Hee Jin, who has targeted LE SSERAFIM in her case against HYBE.

On the other hand, many have stated that this is was likely an accident on NewJeans’ part, referencing just last week when Eunchae and NewJeans had a cute interaction on the same program.  Some have even called this outrage a “witch hunt” against NewJeans.

Unfortunately, as the companies sort out their issues, it seems the groups will not be able to avoid being dragged into the conflict further.


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