New Exclusive Contract: – Kpopmap

New Exclusive Contract: – Kpopmap

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Kim ChoYongJun Joins Hands with Saero Actors**

A new wave is blowing through the entertainment industry in Korea. Kim ChoYongJun, an actor known for his versatility across various genres and characters, has recently signed an exclusive contract with Saero Actors. This marks a new chapter in Kim ChoYongJun’s acting career, promising even more diverse activities in the future.

From the movie ‘Han GongJu’ to ‘May I Help You?’, Kim ChoYongJun has captured the attention of audiences and viewers with his depth in acting and a wide range of characters in every project. In particular, he has proven his acting prowess and broad spectrum by appearing in more than 80 independent films. His achievements have continued through dramas like ‘Hero of the neighborhood’ and ‘Connect’, where he has left a unique impression on the viewers.

After signing with Saero Actors, Kim ChoYongJun is set to present another powerful performance in the upcoming movie ‘Jeong Soon’, which is scheduled to be released on April 17th. ‘Jeong Soon’ depicts the dark reality of digital sex crimes faced by middle-aged women, and Kim ChoYongJun, in the role of DoYoon, a young manager at a food factory, is expected to deliver a heavy performance that conveys a social message.

Saero Actors, established by Shinwhasa Entertainment, praised Kim ChoYongJun’s addition, stating, “His solid acting skills and amazing transformations in every work gather great expectations for his future activities.” Saero Actors now aims to become a new center in the Korean entertainment industry by embracing various talented actors, including Kim ChoYongJun.

This contract between Kim ChoYongJun and Saero Actors is notable in two aspects. Firstly, it signifies a new turning point in Kim ChoYongJun’s acting career, and secondly, it serves as an occasion for Saero Actors to expand its role in the Korean entertainment market. Much anticipation and attention are focused on the activities and changes Kim ChoYongJun will show in the future.


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