Netizens Think HYBE Boy Group Member

Netizens Think HYBE Boy Group Member Looks Just Like Taiwanese Actor Greg Hsu

They have a 15-year age gap.

While many may think that Shinyu is the visual of TWS, member Dohoon has been creeping up everyone’s bias list! Recently, netizens have been comparing him to Taiwanese heartthrob Greg Hsu.

Greg is extremely popular in South Korea and is especially known for his hit drama, Some Day or One Day. The drama’s popularity soared so much that is got a Korean remake. Greg has also held various fanmeetings in South Korea.

Greg Hsu. | Some Day or One Day

As such, it is a huge compliment for them to think that Dohoon bears resemblance to the puppy-faced star. Let’s take a look at the similarities between the two.

Here’s both of them with bandages on their faces.


They seem to possess similar facial structure.


Of course, Dohoon is way younger.


They have a 15-year age gap.


Greg Hsu was born in 1990, making him 34-years-old in 2024.



Dohoon was born in 2005, making him a mere 19-years-old.


Netizens debated if the two looked alike. Many felt that they had similar vibes. In particular, they both have the same porcelain skin, angular jaws, and turned-down puppy eyes.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 4.55.39 PM
Netizen comments. | theqoo
  •  I’m not familiar with both their faces, but the idol is more handsome.
  • Oh, I can see it. They’re handsome.
  • Not really.
  • I thought of Greg as soon as I saw Dohoon!
  • They don’t look alike at all.
  • In my eyes, Greg is more handsome.
  • They have the same feel.

Although they have their own unique aura and distinctive features, there’s no denying that they do bear some resemblance. What do you think?


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