Netizens Slam LE SSERAFIM’s Stylists For

Netizens Slam LE SSERAFIM’s Stylists For Doing Them Dirty With Their “Coachella 2024” Outfits

“Those are supposed to stay at ‘Inkigayo’…”

Netizens think LE SSERAFIM‘s stylists did them dirty during their latest Coachella performance.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

On April 20, LE SSERAFIM performed their second stage for Coachella.

Despite the past controversies and criticisms, the members went out and performed their hearts out, earning praise from both netizens and locals who attended the event.

Compared to the previous performance, LE SSERAFIM had completely new outfits.

Kazuha had a flowy black skirt, and while she started with a leather vest, she removed it to show a matching top of the same material.

Chaewon wore a similar top with a mesh overlay, pairing it with a pink bubble skirt.

Eunchae’s outfit was simple, with a plain black top and patterned skirt.

Yunjin wore a sparkly blue number along with Sakura, who had paired a sparkly pink top with a plain black skirt.

Yet, while the LE SSERAFIM members look stunning in everything they wear, netizens were disappointed by the outfits on the performance.

Although some netizens thought they were cute, many thought that they didn’t match the scale of Coachella and that the members deserved something bolder and more dramatic. Others pointed out that they didn’t match with each other and the members needed something that fitted such an important event.



Even on the Coachella Reddit page, netizens were disappointed by some of the looks.

Who the fawk styled le sserafim
byu/biatchcrackhole inCoachella

While LE SSERAFIM looks stunning in everything they wear, fans wanted more for such an important performance.

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