Netizens React To Dispatch’s Bombshell Exposé

Netizens React To Dispatch’s Bombshell Exposé On NewJeans And Min Hee Jin’s Relationship

The group is currently in the middle of HYBE and ADOR’s feud.

Netizens reacted to Dispatch‘s exposé on NewJeans and Min Hee Jin‘s relationship.

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On April 24, Dispatch released an article about NewJeans and Min Hee Jin.

Dispatch Reveals The Circumstances To How Min Hee Jin Became The “Mother” Of NewJeans

In the article, Dispatch revealed that Source Music played a pivotal role in NewJeans’ creation. First, each of the members’ trainee periods was revealed by Dispatch for the first time. Minji joined Source Music in 2017 while Hanni joined Source Music in 2019 after participating in Big Hit and Source Music’s joint global audition. Haerin and Danielle both joined Source Music as trainees in 2020 and while Hyein‘s exact signing date was not shared by Dispatch, they did say Source Music first discovered her online before inviting her to an audition, which she passed and thus signed with Source Music.

An Alleged Timeline Of ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Relationship With SOURCE MUSIC Angers Fans

The article then states that Min Hee Jin benefitted the most from HYBE’s resources. The creative director plucked the best talent from the label’s pool of trainees and was not liable for any of the debt ADOR had incurred.

Netizens reacted to the report, with many expressing shock at how much Source Music sacrificed for ADOR.

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  • “I thought that it couldn’t have been easy to gather five members with beauty and skills, but it turns out that she just plucked them.”
  • “It’s a relief that LE SSERAFIM made it big.”
  • “So they were trainees in GFriend’s label, right?”
  • “Source Music is the giving tree.”
  • “Minji is NewJeans’ most recognizable member, but Min Hee Jin didn’t even choose her.”
  • “It seems LE SSERAFIM had to scramble members together because Min Hee Jin took all their trainees, lol. There was a reason why the group’s members were lacking.”
  • “So Min Hee Jin claimed all the acclaim while HYBE footed the bill, lol. I think 20% is too much, she should have been left with 0% or 5%.”
  • “Wow, I thought Min Hee Jin participated in casting the members.”

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HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin


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