Netizens Express Concern For aespa Winter’s

Netizens Express Concern For aespa Winter’s Health Condition

Fans are deeply concerned.

It was recently reported that aespa‘s Winter had undergone surgery for a collapsed lung. Her company spoke up on the matter, confirming that the star is indeed recovering after surgery.

Winter is currently recovering from surgery for pneumothorax. Since the condition can easily reoccur, [surgery] was decided following sufficient discussions with medical staff as a preemptive measure.

Her future schedules will be carried out taking into account Winter’s recovery as the top priority.

— SM Entertainment

Although SM Entertainment already reassured fans that they will be arranging her schedules in accordance with her health, many netizens still couldn’t help but worry.

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Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Don’t be sick, Minjeong-ah.
  • They said her tour starts in June in the article. They should’ve been more detailed and said it was the end of the month. Anyway, they need to cut down on her schedules as best they can for the comeback.
  • Don’t be sick.
  • Don’t be sick. I hope she recovers well.
  • Winter, don’t be sick.
  • Minjeongie, don’t be sick.
  • I was so surprised when I heard that she couldn’t breath.
  • Protect Minjeongie.
  • She must be so busy, but I hope she doesn’t push herself and prioritizes her recovery. Hope she makes a full recovery without any issue.

Get well soon, Winter!



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