Netizens Call For NewJeans To Speak

Netizens Call For NewJeans To Speak Up In The Feud Between HYBE And ADOR’s Min Hee Jin

The girls need to make a decision quickly.

Girl group NewJeans is currently trapped in a dilemma thanks to the feud between HYBE and ADOR‘s Min Hee Jin. Min Hee Jin had allegedly been trying to usurp management rights to ADOR from HYBE, leading to HYBE launching an audit against her and the current board of management. Although she has denied the claims, the feud remains high. She accused HYBE of permitting and facilitating the copy of her IP work with NewJeans.

Amongst various news reports, a report claimed that Min Hee Jin has already approached NewJeans and the members’ parents in order to convince them to remain on her side.

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Min Hee Jin’s statement herself also claims that the statement against HYBE, calling them out for plagiarism, was released only after discussion with the NewJeans’ members themselves.

As time passes, there is a chance that fans and the public’s misunderstanding will grow larger. Therefore, ADOR has opted to release this statement at this time, after discussing it with our lawyers and NewJeans. We hope that, through this, HYBE and BeLift Lab will acknowledge their mistakes, respect the cultural achievements of others, and (rather than plagiarize) add to Korea’s entertainment industry through hard work and creativity.


In light of all the mess, netizens are calling upon NewJeans themselves to speak up. They worry that Min Hee Jin is only using the members and group as a shield to justify her claims. Without a proper statement from NewJeans or their parents, the public is unable to truly know their intent as individuals. Other netizens warn NewJeans to pick their sides carefully, citing FIFTY FIFTY‘s feud with ATTRAKT as a learning lesson.

| theqoo
  • This warrants jail time for Min Hee Jin. What are you saying?
  • NewJeans… Kids… Get it together… F*ck I’m crying.
  • SM Entertainment is doing well even after Min Hee Jin left… NewJeans, please make a good decision.
  • I hope NewJeans and their parents are not fools.
  • I think the members and their parents need to hurry up and announce their stance. The more you drag this out, Min Hee Jin will just continue to use the girls as shields, and ultimately their image will be tarnished. I think they need to just cut Min Hee Jin off.

What choice will the girls make? Only time will tell. You can read more about the case below.

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