Netizens Are Supportive Of NewJeans’ Fans

Netizens Are Supportive Of NewJeans’ Fans Sending Protest Trucks To HYBE

The fans have the right mindset.

K-pop fans have been in a frenzy since the crazy feud between HYBE LABELS and ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin. With so much new information being revealed simultaneously, no one knows how the ending will turn out. However, fans of NewJeans are only worried about one thing: their comeback.

The girls will drop a music video for the pre-release “Bubble Gum” on April 27, ahead of two double singles in the coming months. Min Hee Jin also recently revealed that they will focus on what is best for NewJeans’ return.

I don’t want to dilute the main issue here with unnecessary comments. There are very important schedules ahead for NewJeans, so we are discussing what is the best course of action.

— MIn Hee Jin

Recently, an online community post gained attention for protest trucks from fans sent to HYBE, and received a positive response from netizens.

| theqoo

Bunnies belong to HYBE. We support NewJeans.

| theqoo

Min Hee Jin, stop using NewJeans and family.

| theqoo

Min Hee Jin stop slandering other artists immediately.

Netizens that saw the protest trucks were supportive of the fans’ actions.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Fans are hurting the most because of this.”
  • “Don’t make tears fall from fans’ eyes.”
  • “They are saying the right things.”
  • “They made their requests clear and to the point.”
  • “This is the best that fans can do for now.”
  • “I’m usually against trucks like this, but I’m all for it for this situation.”
  • “They wrote what was needed.”
  • “The fans’ are right with this.”
  • “The fans have the right mindset.”
  • “This is the first time I’m supportive of sending trucks. It’s so unfortunate for the fans.”
  • “The fans are smart.”
  • “The fans have a deep heart.”

Hopefully things will be resolved before they comeback!

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin


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