NCT’s Doyoung Gives Sneak Peek Of

NCT’s Doyoung Gives Sneak Peek Of His Personal Apartment After Moving Out Of The Dorms

He has moved out of the dorms.

It has been between a year to a few months since the NCT members have slowly started to move out of the dorms. As they are around seven to eight years into their career, it comes as no surprise! In 2023, Taeyong already confirmed that he lives alone.

The next member to publicly admit it is Doyoung. He will soon be appearing on I Live Alone, where it was revealed that he has been living alone for about half a year now.


The preview gave fans a sneak peek of his living quarters. It is as neat as his old room in the dorms. He often enjoys food in front of the television in his living room.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 2.09.49 AM

He keeps everything neat and tidy, with a huge double-doored fridge. As Doyoung is someone who enjoys cooking and is a homebody, it comes as no surprise that his house would be fully stocked.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 2.09.34 AM

His bedroom is separated from the living area. Doyoung’s room is minimalistic, with just a double bed and a wardrobe.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 2.09.27 AM

Fans were pleasantly surprised to hear that he would soon be on the show.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 2.10.51 AM
Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Crazy, Kim Doyoung!
  • This is f*cking Kim Doyoung’s essence.
  • Wow, crazy, insane. Can’t believe Doyoung will be on I Live Alone!
  • It’s exactly like how fans imagine him to be LOL. Cute.
  • Daebak, didn’t know it was possible to scream with my whole body while seeing just a preview.
  • Seems like many members moved out.
  • Doyoung lives alone? Gasp.

Many can’t wait to see more of how Doyoung lives on the regular. Stay tuned for the official episode!



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