NCT Johnny Shines on ‘Elle’ D

NCT Johnny Shines on ‘Elle’ D Edition Cover

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In a dazzling collaboration between the fashion magazine ‘Elle’ and the Italian fashion brand ‘Golden Goose’, NCT’s Johnny has gracefully adorned the cover of the special digital project, ‘D Edition’. Announced by ‘Elle’ on April 5th, this partnership has culminated in a cover and pictorial that beautifully showcase Johnny’s relaxed demeanor and gentle smile, bringing to life a variety of moods through both still images and video content.

Johnny’s charm is not just limited to visuals. In an interview film released on ‘Elle’s YouTube channel, he responds to fans’ queries, sharing valuable fashion advice, stress management tips, ways to avoid impulse purchases, and social life hacks. This engagement adds a personal touch, allowing fans to connect with Johnny on a deeper level.

The ‘D Edition’ project, featuring the cover, moving cover, pictorial, fashion film, and interview film, is available for fans to explore on ‘Elle’s website and social media platforms. This initiative is part of ‘Elle’s efforts to enhance its digital strategy, targeting web and social media audiences with innovative content.

As the fashion and entertainment industries continue to evolve, collaborations like these not only highlight the multifaceted talents of artists like Johnny but also pave the way for more immersive and interactive digital experiences. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike eagerly await future projects that will continue to blur the boundaries between fashion, music, and digital innovation.


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