Nam JooHyuk’s Legal Battle: A Twist

Nam JooHyuk’s Legal Battle: A Twist in the Tale

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In a surprising turn of events, A, a former classmate who accused renowned actor Nam JooHyuk of school violence, has been fined for defamation but is now challenging the court’s decision. The case, which has sent ripples through the Korean entertainment industry, is set to take an unexpected direction as A’s legal representative, attorney No Jong-eon from Existence Law Firm, announced on April 8 their decision to file for a formal trial at the Uijeongbu District Court’s Goyang branch.

The controversy began when A alleged to have been a victim of school violence, not directly by Nam JooHyuk, but by the actor’s friends—a detail that was reportedly misrepresented in the initial media coverage. Attorney No clarified that the prosecution’s charges against A included a fabricated testimony about the actor’s involvement in the bullying. Moreover, A claimed to have witnessed a friend suffering from school violence at the hands of Nam JooHyuk’s circle, intending to prove the truth of these allegations through witness testimonies in the upcoming trial.

This legal tangle traces back to a June 2022 report by an internet media journalist, identified only as B, who published A’s account alleging that Nam JooHyuk was the perpetrator of school violence. Nam JooHyuk’s agency, Management SOOP, vehemently denied these accusations, asserting the actor’s innocence and announcing plans to press criminal charges against the reporter and the anonymous informant.

The Goyang branch of the Uijeongbu District Court fined both A and B 7 million KRW each last month, finding them guilty of defaming the actor with false allegations. Unwilling to accept this verdict, A has taken the bold step of seeking a formal trial, challenging the legal findings and aiming to clear the air over the controversial accusations.

Nam JooHyuk, who enlisted in the military in March last year, is currently serving as a military police officer in the Army’s 32nd Infantry Division. As this case unfolds, it not only highlights the complexities surrounding allegations of school violence but also underscores the intense scrutiny and public pressure faced by figures in the Korean entertainment industry. With the formal trial ahead, both the public and industry insiders are keenly awaiting further developments, hoping for a resolution that brings clarity and justice to all parties involved.


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