“Music Bank” MC Lee Chae Min

“Music Bank” MC Lee Chae Min Gets Flamed For “Rudely” Cutting Off NCT’s Renjun

Music Bank MC Lee Chae Min recently came under fire after cutting off the thank-you speech of NCT’s Renjun. NCT Dream performed “Smoothie” on April 5, 2024. They won first place thanks to the support of fans. Renjun was about to deliver a Chinese speech after the other members had spoken. He was cut off by the MC just as he started.

It seemed like he had to cut Renjun off due to the lack of time. Lee Chae Min quickly tried to wrap up the show by saying “should we say goodbye then,” shooting Renjun a quick smile to address him. Renjun also reacted to the moment, looking slightly taken aback as he leaned on Mark for comfort.

Other idols were also surprised by the sharp cut-off.

Music shows run on a tight schedule without room for extra speeches. Despite this, many fans felt that Lee Chae Min could have addressed Renjun with a brief apology before moving on.

On the other hand, others are harsher in their criticism of Lee Chae Min.

Lee Chae Min has been the MC for Music Bank for around a year and a half now. He has always shown professionalism in his work, but it seems like fans feel like he could pay better attention to the singers as part of his job.



Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/music-bank-mc-lee-chae-min-gets-flamed-rudely-cutting-off-ncts-renjun/

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