Min Hee Jin’s Bombshell Interview Has

Min Hee Jin’s Bombshell Interview Has Netizens Switching Sides

“Honestly, this should have been her original statement…”

Netizens reacted to Min Hee Jin‘s explosive interview.

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On April 23, Ilgan Sports unleashed their exclusive interview with Min Hee Jin. The interview comes at a precarious time for the CEO as she faces pressure to step down from HYBE.

Min Hee Jin Fires Back At HYBE, Exposes ILLIT In Damning New Interview

In the interview, Min Hee Jin refuted claims accusing her of trying to steal management rights and that she had planned to break away from HYBE.

I have never met with any investors to seize HYBE’s management rights (in ADOR). I have never tried to steal executive rights like HYBE claims. How can I do that with my 18% equity (in ADOR)? Because HYBE has 80% equity, it is impossible for me to seize the management rights. It is also impossible for ADOR to leave HYBE without their consent. It is hard to understand why HYBE is claiming the impossible.

— Min Hee Jin

Min Hee Jin also spoke about NewJeans‘ future, which has been a top concern for fans.

Min Hee Jin Addresses NewJeans’ Future Amid HYBE Fallout

Netizens reacted to the interview, with many stating that they now understood Min Hee Jin. Still, there were many who were critical of Min Hee Jin.

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  • “Honestly, this should have been her originally statement. She shouldn’t brought NewJeans into this. Her first statement was so weird, I’m not sure what to believe.”
  • “Don’t you think HYBE is trying to kick her out because she complained about ILLIT copying NewJeans?”
  • “She says she made an internal complaint, but she doesn’t say what she complained about?”
  • “I wish she would tell us what she complained about, lol. I have the popcorn ready, lol.”
  • “After hearing Min Hee Jin’s side, I now understand what is going on. I thought it was weird that she would try to steal management rights with only a 20% stake in the company.”
  • “We’ll see who is manipulating the media when evidence surfaces, so it’s funny to see people take sides in the comments.”
  • “Would a company try to fire its CEO without evidence?”
  • “I understand what’s going on now that I heard Min Hee Jin’s side. I am now fully aware that HYBE has never been a fan of Min Hee Jin.”

What are your thoughts?

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