Min Hee Jin Labels FIFTY FIFTY

Min Hee Jin Labels FIFTY FIFTY “Stupid” Amid HYBE Feud

This isn’t the first time Min Hee Jin called out an idol group.

Troubled ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin addressed comparisons to FIFTY FIFTY.

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On April 23, Min Hee Jin spoke with Ilgan Sports about her current feud with HYBE.

Min Hee Jin Fires Back At HYBE, Exposes ILLIT In Damning New Interview

In the interview, Min Hee Jin refuted all allegations levied by HYBE, claiming that she had tried to steal executive rights and was planning for ADOR to break away from the K-Pop behemoth.

I have never met with any investors to seize HYBE’s management rights (in ADOR). I have never tried to steal executive rights like HYBE claims. How can I do that with my 18% equity (in ADOR)? Because HYBE has 80% equity, it is impossible for me to seize the management rights. It is also impossible for ADOR to leave HYBE without their consent. It is hard to understand why HYBE is claiming the impossible.

— Min Hee Jin

In her interview, Min Hee Jin also addressed concerns from fans who worried ADOR’s battle with HYBE would dissolve similarly to the FIFTY FIFTY conflict.

If money had been my goal, then I would have never complained to HYBE. I think HYBE is trying to frame me as someone who is trying to steal management rights. But FIFTY FIFTY’s situation has set a precedent. I would never do something so stupid.

— Min Hee Jin

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Meanwhile, Min Hee Jin also spoke about NewJeans’ future. You can read more in the link below.

Min Hee Jin Addresses NewJeans’ Future Amid HYBE Fallout

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