Min Hee Jin Is Outraged After

Min Hee Jin Is Outraged After A HYBE Label Idol Group Is Being Titled “Male Version” Of NewJeans

She expressed her anger.

ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin is currently caught up in a feud with HYBE when it was reported that HYBE had asked her to step down amid a power struggle. According to reports, they found evidence that Min was trying to leave HYBE and make ADOR a separate entity.

NewJeans | ADOR

Media outlets also released details about Min’s alleged “coup” to force HYBE into giving in to her “demands.”

Later, she released a full statement claiming that one reason for the feud was BELIFT LAB’s new girl group, ILLIT, allegedly plagiarizing NewJeans’ concept. She added that ADOR had never allowed anyone to copy NewJeans.


NewJeans was Min’s first group, and she oversaw the project from selecting members to choreography and music production.

However, after NewJeans’ success, Min was reportedly stressed about others indiscriminately borrowing her concept. In particular, she expressed her outrage after seeing a male idol group under HYBE being titled the “male version” of NewJeans.

News article stating group TWS to be “male version” of NewJeans | Maeil. Kyungjae

Even if a male version of NewJeans were to come out, I would be the one to make it.

— Min Hee Jin

Netizens felt that her statement was ridiculous in that one concept cannot be solely claimed by one group.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Does she think she owns the K-Pop scene or what? Lol.”
  • “How is TWS the male NewJeans? I thought they were going more after SEVENTEEN’s light concept.”
  • “Wow… Such bullsh*t.”
  • “What do you mean TWS…? She’s in way over her head.”
  • “NewJeans is a successful group, but could this really have been possible without HYBE?”
  • “If she brought a more positive mindset to this and considered the others’ implementation of similar concepts as proof that her group has so much influence, things would have turned out differently. But because she took it negatively, everything is getting twisted. I’ve learned that positive thinkers are more well-suited for business ventures.”
  • “Did she apologize to the people she used as references to make her group?”

Most recently, Min addressed the concern for NewJeans’ future and is discussing the best way to promote the group’s scheduled comeback. On the other hand, read the full story of the ongoing feud below.

Everything You Need To Know About HYBE And ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Ongoing Feud: Day One

Source: Hankyung and theqoo

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/min-hee-jin-emphasizes-one-make-male-version-newjeans-netizens-react/

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