meenoi And AOMG Release Apologies +

meenoi And AOMG Release Apologies + Restore Mutual Trust

Singer meenoi and her agency AOMG have resolved their differences.

Earlier in February, meenoi held a tearful Instagram live, and it was revealed afterwards that she abruptly canceled a scheduled advertising shoot for a cosmetic brand. AOMG released a statement explaining that the cancelation was “due to a discrepancy in understanding between our agency and the artist regarding the authority to sign the advertising contract on behalf of the artist.”

On April 11, AOMG released the following statement updating the public following the issue over the advertising contract:

Hello, This is AOMG.

First, we apologize for causing fatigue to the public with issues regarding AOMG and our agency’s artist meenoi over the past two months.

We had an in-depth conversation with meenoi over a long period of time, and we successfully restored our relationship.

In the process of responding to a series of events, there were areas where we failed to fully consider our agency’s artist meenoi’s perspective due to our shortcomings. We apologize once again to meenoi’s fans and the public.

Going forward, we will strive to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings through even closer communication with our artists.

Above all, AOMG promises to do our best to support Meenoi so that she can continue to partake in healthy musical activities. We will do our best to contribute to the development of hip hop music.

Thank you.

meenoi also took to Instagram to share the following message:

Hello, this is meenoi.

I apologize to the many fans who have been worried and watching over my actions during this time.

While you all were waiting, I had many conversations with AOMG, and we confirmed our mutual trust in each other. I want to express my gratitude to the AOMG staff who once again showed their trust in me.

I apologize for showing immaturity during the process of communicating with AOMG after the series of events.

I will strive to improve with a stronger mindset going forward.

Thank you.

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