Malicious Rumors Around Singer Park Bo

Malicious Rumors Around Singer Park Bo Ram’s Passing Raise Serious Concerns

Her colleague called it out.

The singer Park Bo Ram passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30 on April 11, KST. While the industry and her fans mourn this loss, concerns about fake news surrounding her demise have raised concerns.

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Park Bo Ram | Hankyoreh

According to police, the singer was found unconscious in the bathroom while drinking at a friend’s house before her death. The police intend to investigate the cause of death and have requested an autopsy with the National Forensic Service.

While the proper investigation is still underway, malicious YouTubers are seemingly having a field day pumping speculations about Park Bo Ram’s passing. After her death, multiple YouTube videos have popped up with provocative titles claiming that the singer was showing “bizarre behavior” before her death, pointing out the food she ate before her passing, claiming that her food was poisoned, and so on. Park’s late parents, who passed away in 2010 and 2017, are also reportedly being used in the insemination of fake news and speculations.

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Kim Greem, the singer who was a former co-contestant of Superstar K2, spoke up against these malicious rumors, warning that the culprits would be punished.

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Kim Greem | @greemkim/Instagram

On April 14, KST, Xanadu Entertainment, Park Bo Ram’s agency, also released an official statement warning that it will take civil and criminal measures without leniency.

Park Bo Ram has been plagued by malicious comments and unconfirmed rumors since her debut. Even now, such fake news targeting her after her passing is a clear act of defamation, akin to killing her twice…If such actions persist, we will take strong civil and criminal measures. We will continue to pursue legal actions rigorously after the funeral proceedings.

— Xanadu Entertainment

Source: Chosun Ilbo (1) and (2) and MK News


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