Ma DongSeok’s Boxing Skills Revealed by

Ma DongSeok’s Boxing Skills Revealed by Kim MooYul

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The genuine conversation platform on YouTube, ‘Salon De Lip2’, has once again garnered attention. In this episode, Kim MooYul was specially invited as a guest to discuss the highly anticipated release of ‘The Outlaws 4’ on the 24th. His honest and interesting stories shone a light, capturing everyone’s attention.

The conversation, initiated by comedian Jang DoYeon’s question, led Kim MooYul to candidly share his experience working with Ma DongSeok. He mentioned Ma DongSeok’s boxing skills, revealing that he possesses professional-level abilities. Kim MooYul started learning boxing after being fascinated by Ma DongSeok’s action scenes and his fluid punching during the filming of ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil’. Ma DongSeok, who takes great pride in exercising, displayed his character even while teaching Kim MooYul boxing.

The stories revealed in this ‘Salon De Lip2’ episode go beyond mere entertainment industry gossip, offering a glimpse into true camaraderie and mentorship. Ma DongSeok’s passion for boxing and his guidance towards Kim MooYul showcased their deep trust and respect for one another, presenting another layer of charm to the fans.

The episode has heightened the anticipation for ‘The Outlaws 4’. Kim MooYul’s candid confession provided a peek into his humanity, and Ma DongSeok’s boxing skills have become a new topic of conversation. Looking forward to their future endeavors, more stories about them are expected to be unveiled with the release of ‘The Outlaws 4’.


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