Lee TaeHwan, Confirmed to Star in

Lee TaeHwan, Confirmed to Star in First Drama After Military Service, ‘DNA Lover’

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Another highly anticipated work has emerged in the Korean entertainment industry. News has been confirmed that actor Lee TaeHwan will make his drama comeback after completing his military service. Lee TaeHwan will play the lead role in TV CHOSUN’s new weekend mini-series ‘DNA Lover,’ which is his first project after completing his military duty. This news was shared by his agency, Man of Creation, on April 8, 2024, a moment eagerly awaited by fans and the public.

‘DNA Lover’ is a romantic comedy that follows genetic researcher Han Sojin as she finds true love through genetics after numerous failed relationships. Lee TaeHwan portrays the handsome firefighter Seo KangHoon, who becomes Han Sojin’s (played by Jung InSun) reliable sanctuary, always prioritizing her calls. As a rugged firefighter who battles flames and a man with an unwavering heart, he forms a love triangle with Yeonwoo (played by Choi SiHun), adding tension to the drama.

Lee TaeHwan, who enlisted as an active-duty soldier in June 2022 and was discharged in December of the previous year, has been loved by the public through various works and variety shows. With his return to acting after military service, there is growing anticipation for his new look. Along with Lee TaeHwan’s transformation, this drama, set to stimulate romantic imaginations, is scheduled to premiere in June.

Lee TaeHwan’s return work, ‘DNA Lover,’ raises curiosity about the new charms he will display and how his acting will capture the hearts of the audience. Waiting for the first broadcast of ‘DNA Lover,’ amidst public interest and anticipation, is expected to be another significant event in the Korean drama industry. As excitement builds for the new story that Lee TaeHwan will unfold, all eyes are focused on future updates.

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