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Lee Min Ki, Kwak Sun Young, And More Declare War On Traffic Crimes In Upcoming Drama “Crash”

Upcoming drama “Crash” has released a new teaser and posters!

“Crash” is a comedy crime investigation drama about a team that tracks crimes that occur on the road. Lee Min Ki will play rational individualist Cha Yeon Ho, the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team, who graduated from KAIST. Kwak Sun Young will star as Min So Hee, the ace of the TCI team, who possesses incredible martial arts and driving skills along with keen judgment and a warm heart.

Lee Ho Chul will play Woo Dong Ki, a CCTV analyst and automobile specialist. Choi Moon Hee will take on the role of Eo Hyun Kyung, the youngest member of the TCI team, who has amazing martial arts skills. Heo Sung Tae will play veteran detective Jung Chae Man, the team leader of TCI.

The first poster captures Cha Yeon Ho, Min So Hee, and Jung Chae Man on their way to investigate a traffic crime. Talented driver Min So Hee is captured behind the wheel with a confident expression on her face, while Cha Yeon Ho looks nervous and Jung Chae Man is seen desperately trying to grab the steering wheel.

The next poster captures all five members of the TCI team with confident facial expressions as Cha Yeon Ho holds up an arrest warrant. The five team members all exude a powerful aura that suggests each of them is able to effortlessly take down criminals.

At the beginning of the accompanying teaser, the TCI team members walk into a room full of criminals. Min So Hee introduces the team as TCI, only for one of the criminals to ask the unfamiliar TCI team, “Are you from the broadcasting station?”

When Woo Dong Ki says, “Just like the FBI, CIA, and BTS, we should use English abbreviations to look cool,” Jung Chae Man shocks everyone by asking him, “Which country’s police force is BTS?”

In one scene, Lee Min Ki, who doesn’t know how to fight, gets beaten up by a criminal, while in another scene, he struggles to jump over a fence. On the other hand, TCI team members Min So Hee and Eo Hyun Kyung, who have strong martial arts skills, can’t seem to hold themselves back when dealing with criminals. Meanwhile, police chief Koo Kyung Mo (Baek Hyun Jin) is seen expressing his frustration at the TCI team.

Watch the new teaser below!

“Crash” will premiere on May 13 at 10 p.m KST.

While you wait, watch Lee Min Ki in “Beauty Inside” with subtitles on Viki below:

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