Lee Min Ki Dishes On Reason

Lee Min Ki Dishes On Reason For Choosing Upcoming Drama “Crash,” His Unique Detective Character, And More

Lee Min Ki has dished on his upcoming ENA drama “Crash”!

“Crash” is a comedy crime investigation drama about a team that tracks crimes that occur on the road. Lee Min Ki will play rational individualist Cha Yeon Ho, the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team, who graduated from KAIST. Kwak Sun Young will co-star as Min So Hee, the ace of the TCI team, who possesses incredible martial arts and driving skills along with keen judgment and a warm heart.

On why he decided to star in “Crash,” Lee Min Ki shared, “It felt novel as a drama that deals with traffic crime for the first time. Regarding his character Cha Yeon Ho, Lee Min Ki shared, “Cha Yeon Ho barely has any macho or heroic tendencies that detective characters normally showcase. He does not punish the villains in a cool and tough way,” marking a stark contrast from his previous character as a detective in his recent drama “Behind Your Touch.”

In addition to graduating early from a science high school, Cha Yeon Ho entered KAIST’s mathematics department with top scores. However, before going to study at MIT, he suddenly becomes a detective for the TCI team after working as an insurance investigator.

Regarding Cha Yeon Ho’s strengths, Lee Min Ki shared, “As a slightly smart member of the TCI team, he will resolve cases together [with the team]. With his background experience of graduating from KAIST and working as an insurance investigator, he contributes to the investigation from his position.” He continued, “Cha Yeon Ho doesn’t lead, but he certainly has his place [on the team]. The greatest charm is when the entire team works together and gathers strength to create synergy.”

Furthermore, Lee Min Ki’s portrayal of Cha Yeon Ho as a unique detective is highlighted by his sharp appearance with his clean-cut style and glasses.

The actor also mentioned that the action on the roads will be another interesting point to look forward to, asking viewers to anticipate Cha Yeon Ho’s action scenes, which could come across as somewhat lacking due to the nature of his character but still charming.

Lee Min Ki highlighted the TCI team as the greatest strength of “Crash.” He remarked, “Each character fits like a piece of a puzzle. That combination is amazing. That’s why when the entire team gathered for filming, I think I smiled a lot more. The atmosphere on set was really great.”

Finally, Lee Min Ki sent his support and gratitude to everyone who works hard to punish traffic crime after portraying stories based on real incidents.

“Crash” premieres on May 13 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

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