Korean Netizens React To HYBE CEO’s

Korean Netizens React To HYBE CEO’s Company-Wide Statement

He issued a statement to every worker.

HYBE‘s CEO Park Ji Won recently made a company-wide statement in which he addressed the ongoing issues. Recently, the company has been embroiled in an internal feud due to ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin stepping up. An audit was launched against her after HYBE accused her of trying to usurp the management rights to ADOR. Min has denied all claims since.

HYBE CEO’s Full Statement To The Company’s Workers Released

As the feud thickens, Park Ji Won’s statement came at an appropriatee time, serving to address the many ground workers at the company. Knowing that they will be the ones who are the most worried, he reassured them.

I hope that you guys will not be too affected by the current content that is being reported in the media. Currently, the label responsible for this is not responding properly to the justified audit and is refusing to respond. Everything that they claim is untrue and without evidence. Currently, the issues being raised are unrelated to ILLIT’s debut period, and we have found out that all of these were pre-planned. we plan on investigating this more carefully through the audit and taking appropriate measures to deal with it.

I must beseech you as our staff, to work hard at your job without being affected by this. The company will do its best in order not to let the IP value and work that you have worked on so far be slandered.

— Park Ji Won

Park Ji Won | Korea Times

Netizens have since praised him for his well-written address. It gave just enough reassurance to the workers, while subtly warning them to remain steadfast in their tasks.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 8.04.23 PM
Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Conclusion: Stop worrying and do your work!
  • He really wrote that well. The workers must be really worried after suddenly reading the news, not knowing anything prior.
  • The battery % in OP’s screenshot is bothering me f*ck LOL.
  • He really wrote that well. Anyway it’s something the higher-ups will take care of, so the ground workers should just continue on with their jobs LOL.
  • You can tell how different they are just by how they’re trying to protect the artists.
  • Don’t be shaken and just work LOL. He summed it up well.
  • I thought he wrote it well but then I read the comments and everyone is all “charge your phone” or “so he just wants them to work” LOL.
  • Dayum, he wrote that well LOL. The higher-ups will take care of it, so don’t be worried and work!

When a company is experiencing a power struggle, the ones who suffer the most are truly the ground workers. With his statement, hopefully the staff can work with more ease.

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