Korean Netizens Call For SM Entertainment

Korean Netizens Call For SM Entertainment To Take Action Regarding RIIZE Seunghan’s Hiatus

They urge the company to release their stance.

RIIZE is currently in Antwerp for Music Bank. As they were filming social media content in public, fans gathered to watch. A particularly vocal fan took the chance to shout “RIIZE is 7” while they were filming.

Other fans also took to the streets to protest, holding up signs to call for bringing Seunghan back. Previously, Seunghan had been placed on indefinite hiatus after his various personal controversies.


While international fans rejoiced over the matter, taking it as a good chance for the management to hear their voices…

…Korean netizens were definitely not impressed. They felt that there was a time and place for everything, and called out the fans for being rude. Most also hope that SM Entertainment would officially address the matter of his position quickly.

| theqoo
  • Hope they release an official statement soon.
  • I searched up why he was put on hiatus, and nothing came out. Annoying.
  • The company needs to hurry up and address if they’re going to keep him or not. Why are the other members the ones being affected?
  • Honestly it’s too late for him to come back. There are so many CFs they shot as 6 people already. The fans know this, and that’s why they’re acting up LOL. Just go.
  • We’re already used to 6 members… There’s no need for them to reinstate a member with a history… I hope they hurry and deal with it.
  • Ah, he isn’t withdrawn yet, but just on hiatus?
  • Crazy of them, at an offline event.
  • Either withdraw or reinstate him, if they’re going to leave him on hiatus. They have to do something at least.

You can read more about the protest below.

“RIIZE Is 7” — Fans Bring Demands For Seunghan’s Return To The Members IRL

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-netizens-react-riize-7-protest-overseas/

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