Korean And Tamil Similarities: 10 Words

Korean And Tamil Similarities: 10 Words Both Languages Have In Common

Did you know that the Korean language and the Dravidian language, Tamil, are said to have several words in common?

Many Korean and Tamil words have almost the same or similar meanings and are pronounced almost the same way.

Some experts say that there may be 500 to 3000 words in common between Korean and Tamil that have similar or close meanings.

Such a connection is intriguing to many and is a topic of study among linguists.

So, here are 10 words that Korean and Tamil have in common.


Similarities Between Korean And Tamil

Eomma (Korean) & Amma (Tamil) – Meaning “mother”

Appa (Korean) & Appa (Tamil) – Meaning “father”

Na (Korean) & Nan (Tamil) – Meaning “I”

Pul (Korean) & Pul (Tamil) – Meaning “grass”

Maeum (Korean) & Manam (Tamil) – Meaning “mind”

Nal (Korean) & Nal (Tamil) – Meaning “day”

Eonni (Korean) & Anni (Tamil) – Meaning “older sister” in Korean and “sister-in-law” in Tamil

Aigo (Korean) & Aiyo (Tamil) – Exclamation of surprise, disappointment, etc.


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