Kim MooYul Conquers Stoicism in “Crime

Kim MooYul Conquers Stoicism in “Crime City 4”

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In an intimate encounter at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on April 18, the spotlight shines on Kim MooYul, the villainous heart of “Crime City 4.” This latest installment resurrects the indomitable detective Ma SeokDo (played by Ma DongSeok), who, alongside his team, takes on a massive online illegal gambling syndicate. At the helm of this criminal empire is Baek ChangKi, a special forces mercenary turned villain, portrayed with chilling precision by Kim MooYul, and the tech genius CEO Jang DongChul, brought to life by Lee DongHwi.

Kim MooYul’s portrayal of Baek ChangKi, the ultimate antagonist, captivates audiences with his seamless action sequences centered around sharp, swift knife skills and an inscrutable stoic gaze that defines his character’s menacing aura. The actor highlighted the immense challenge of maintaining a poker face, stating, “Given Baek ChangKi’s background as a professional and a mercenary, it was crucial that this precision and cold detachment were evident not just in the action but in every expression.”

The task of balancing rapid, concise movements with an emotionless demeanor was daunting. Kim MooYul shared insights into the rigorous process, emphasizing the continuous effort to perfect this aspect of his character, despite the inevitable hiccups along the way.

“Crime City 4” is set to hit theaters on April 24, promising an intense showdown that will undoubtedly keep audiences on the edge of their seats. As Kim MooYul delves into the psyche of a cold-blooded mercenary, his reflections on the role’s challenges and his dedication to embodying Baek ChangKi’s complexity hint at a performance that will be talked about for years to come. The anticipation builds, not only for the film’s release but for what lies ahead in the evolution of Kim MooYul’s remarkable career.


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