Kim Ji Won’s Image Totally Shatters

Kim Ji Won’s Image Totally Shatters — Netizens React To Company’s Statement On Her Recent Real Estate Purchase

Netizens have turned against her.

It was previously reported that actress Kim Ji Won had made a purchase of a multi-million dollar building in Gangnam. The building was bought for ₩6.30 billion KRW (about $4.57 million USD) in 2021, and boasts a prime location near Gangnam-gu Office Station. It has one basement and five above-ground floors.

Netizens found things suspicious, and looked up the purchase. It was found that she had made the purchase through “Jiwon Entertainment Co, Ltd,” a company where she is the representative and only worker. Netizens were quick to accuse her of setting up a paper company to make the purchase. Netizens quickly pieced the timeline together, accusing her of purposely planning to evade taxes. As many individuals set up paper companies to try to make use of real estate tax waivers for commercial use, a law was put in place. Companies are only exempted from this tax if they make their purchase five years after the company was set up. Netizens found that Kim Ji Won set up Jiwon Entertainment in March 2016, and made her building purchase five years later in June 2021.

Netizens Find Evidence To Accuse Kim Ji Won Of Planned Tax Evasion

On April 19, 2024, her agency High Zium Studio made a statement to Herald Pop. They briefly stated that “it is hard to confirm as this is the artist’s personal matters.” In response to that, netizens have been coming down harsh on the star.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • If celebrities make their fortune through popularity with the public, can’t they stay away from real estate investments? They’re already so rich, while the regular folk have to slave away due to rising land prices.
  • She’s in the wrong if a paper company was involved. Even if she’s not making any profits now, she could in the future. Her intentions from the start weren’t pure. Hyeri was in the wrong for this too.
  • It’s so different from her image, ah.
  • I’ve never cursed at someone for this reason before, but if she tried to evade taxes that way, then it’s a true problem. It’s not the matter of if she’s earning profits or not from the purchase and sales prices. It’s right that people have a problem with how she set up a company for such reasons. It’s so funny how people are trying to differentiate between kind paper companies and evil ones.
  • I’m curious, who are the top stars who don’t invest.
  • It’s the same case, but Kim Ji Won is getting cursed out, while Hyeri isn’t?
  • It’s a paper company?
  • People are just jealous I guess.
  • It’s funny how people are saying she didn’t do anything wrong because she hasn’t made money from sales yet. Then is she using the building for any business now? LOL. She’s waiting on the right time to sell the building for the most she can. It’s just a difference of if her investment is successful or not. It’s true that she bought it in the end to make a profit of sales.

Kim Ji Won previously built up a positive image of a hard worker. She has been in the industry for close to 14 years now. She made her debut through High Kick Through The Roof 3 after gaining popularity as BIG BANG’s CF partner for Lollipop phones.


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