Kim Ji Won Shares What She

Kim Ji Won Shares What She Learned From “Queen Of Tears,” Hopes For Future Projects, And More

“Queen of Tears” star Kim Ji Won has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea!

Actress Kim Ji Won participated in a pictorial and interview with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. Under the dazzling spring sunlight, Kim Ji Won wears Bulgari’s jewelry collection and perfectly portrays the lovely yet elegant concept of the pictorial.

In an interview that followed the photoshoot, Kim Ji Won dished on her thoughts on various topics. When asked about unchanging values or beliefs, Kim Ji Won said, “As I get older, I feel [my values] changing as new values ​​that deviate from the existing values​​ are established. After repeating such experiences, I learned an attitude of learning new things every day rather than thinking, ‘I will stick to this no matter what!’ Through playing Hong Hae In in the drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ I learned to be honest and courageous in everything I do.”

Regarding Kim Ji Won’s definition of love, the actress shared, “There is a line from Hong Hae In that goes, ‘To me, love is not about doing a big favor but about being by one’s side no matter what.’ I think I liked her words. I think love is something that gives you strength by your side whether in good times or even in difficult moments when you hit rock bottom.”

Regarding her plans for future projects, Kim Ji Won replied, “If given the opportunity, I will do my best no matter what, but when I look into the distant future, I think it would be great if I could leave behind a project of the action thriller genre because I really enjoyed watching Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ and the film ‘Chinatown.’”

Kim Ji Won’s full pictorial and interview are available in the May issue of Cosmopolitan.

Watch Kim Ji Won in “Fight For My Way” below:

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