Kim Hieora’s Agency Releases New Statement

Kim Hieora’s Agency Releases New Statement On School Violence Allegations

Actress Kim Hieora’s agency has released a new statement regarding her school violence controversy.

On April 16, Gram Entertainment shared the following statement:


This is actress Kim Hieora’s agency, Gram Entertainment.

We would like to convey our position regarding the school violence allegations against actress Kim Hieora [that surfaced] last year.

Kim Hieora and our agency met with the parties involved in the issues that arose last year to talk through memories from long ago and come to an understanding. They have decided to support each other’s lives moving forward.

Through this incident, Kim Hieora has spent time reflecting on herself more strictly and contemplating what she needs to do to become a responsible member of society. She has also expressed her intention to diligently rebuild her life with a heavy heart in order to repay the love she has received from the public.

We sincerely apologize for any concern we may have caused and extend our gratitude to all those who have believed in and waited for Kim Hieora.

Last year, Kim Hieora became embroiled in controversy due to school violence and physical assault allegations made against her by former middle school classmates.

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