K-Pop Stars Unite Against Online Harassment:

K-Pop Stars Unite Against Online Harassment: NewJeans’ Bold Move

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In a decisive stance against the rampant spread of baseless rumors online, K-pop phenomenon NewJeans has taken a groundbreaking step by requesting a U.S. court to reveal the identity of a YouTuber accused of defaming its members. This move follows in the footsteps of IVE’s Jang WonYoung, marking a significant moment in the industry’s battle against ‘cyber tow trucks’—a term coined to describe entities that maliciously spread false information online. The request, filed by NewJeans’ agency Adore to a federal court in California, could lead to legal actions for defamation and slander against the account holder, should the court grant their appeal.

Historically, Adore has criticized the unnamed YouTube channel for perpetuating damaging statements against its artists, with offending videos amassing over 13 million views. The agency has vowed to take regular legal measures to protect their artists’ rights, highlighting the severe impact of these rumors on the artists’ reputations. The targeted account is notorious for spreading rumors not only about NewJeans but also other top K-pop groups including LE SSERAFIM, BLACKPINK, aespa, and IVE. The infamous ‘dropout shelter’ channel, known for its relentless dissemination of false information about K-pop artists to boost viewership and profits, has caused significant distress, particularly to IVE Jang WonYoung and aespa’s Karina.

The anonymity of YouTube accounts, coupled with multinational corporations like Google citing privacy concerns to avoid disclosing user information, has historically made it challenging to pursue legal action against these offenders. However, the tide seems to be changing. Following a successful request by IVE’s agency, Starship, to a U.S. court last May, Google cooperated in identifying the channel owner, leading to ongoing litigation. Starship’s lawsuit against the ‘dropout shelter’ resulted in a partial victory for Jang WonYoung in October, with the channel owner’s subsequent appeal and request to delay enforcement indicating a desperate attempt to evade compensation.

As more K-pop artists like IVE and NewJeans begin to secure the identities of those behind these ‘cyber tow truck’ channels and take legal action, a trend is emerging that could spell the end for unchecked online harassment in the industry. This collective pushback represents a pivotal moment in the fight against the exploitation of artists’ reputations, promising a future where the rights and dignity of K-pop stars are fiercely protected. With the industry’s heavyweights drawing their lines in the sand, the battle against online defamation is poised to escalate, promising intriguing developments and potentially setting a new standard for accountability online.

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