K-Pop Idols Embrace Environmental Change: NCT

K-Pop Idols Embrace Environmental Change: NCT and TXT Lead the Way

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In an inspiring collaboration between K-pop powerhouses Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and NCT with the music platform Melon, the eco-friendly initiative ‘Forest; Streaming’ is showcasing the positive impact celebrities can have on the environment and their communities. Melon, a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment, has announced the creation of the sixth and seventh forests named after TXT and NCT, respectively, at the Nanji Han River Park in Seoul. These endeavors, completed on April 12 and 17, add to the city’s green space while highlighting the influential role artists and their fans play in promoting sustainability.

The project, dubbed ‘Forest; Streaming’, enables Melon’s subscribers to contribute to the environment in the name of their favorite artists. A portion of the subscription fees, up to 2% monthly, is allocated towards the creation of these forests. Once the fund reaches 20 million won for an artist, the accumulated amount is donated to the Seoul Environmental Federation to establish a dedicated forest within Seoul. This initiative has already seen successful campaigns for other K-pop giants like BTS, Lim Young Woong, and Seventeen, sparking widespread attention and admiration.

TXT recently made headlines with their sixth mini-album ‘Minisode 3: Tomorrow’, achieving remarkable success by charting all tracks on Melon’s Top 100 immediately upon release. Additionally, they celebrated over a million streams within 24 hours on Melon, marking a significant milestone in their growing career. NCT, on the other hand, has solidified their global appeal with their first offline group concert ‘NCT Nation’, held in Korea and Japan, showcasing their unparalleled talent and the diverse musicality that sets them apart in the K-pop industry.

These forests not only serve as a testament to the artists’ popularity and their fans’ dedication but also represent a step forward in the integration of culture and environmental stewardship. As these green spaces flourish, they offer a physical space for fans and citizens alike to appreciate nature and reflect on the collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

The ‘Forest; Streaming’ initiative symbolizes a new era where fandom culture extends beyond music and entertainment, embracing social responsibility and environmental sustainability. As more artists and fans join this movement, the potential for significant positive change grows, promising a greener and more conscious world inspired by the power of K-pop. Stay tuned for more updates on how your favorite idols are making a difference, one tree at a time.

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