K-Pop Fans Help “Translate” Louis Tomlinson’s

K-Pop Fans Help “Translate” Louis Tomlinson’s Recent Interview About Harry Styles

There are similarities in everything!

For many K-Pop fans, their adventure into “stan culture” began not with a group based in Korea but one that holds similar characteristics to many active idols. One Direction was formed through the UK survival show The X-Factor and became the biggest boyband in several decades.

One Direction | SYCO

In 2016, the group went on an indefinite hiatus following Zayn Malik‘s 2015 departure, much to fans’ disappointment worldwide. Since then, the members have embarked on solo careers, with very few hints of a reunion taking place any time soon.

Recently, Louis Tomlinson sat down for an interview with G1, where he discussed topics, including the “shipping” conspiracy that he and Harry Styles continue to face today.

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 2.02.52 PM
Louis Tomlinson | Alex Bramall/The Observer

Shipping or pairing two or more people together, often romantically, happens in most fandoms. However, fans of “Larry Stylinson” (the ship name between Harry and Louis) were known to take things to the extreme as they believed that the two stars were actually dating secretly.

This included alleging that Louis Tomlinson’s son was an elaborate hoax to help hide his relationship with Harry.

Louis and Harry Styles (right) | NewsWire

Due to the intensity of the shipping, the two stars’ friendship was reportedly affected.

Louis reflected on the conspiracies in the interview, saying that it was impossible to dispell believers.

I realized this so many years ago, there’s nothing I can say or do to dispel the believers of that conspiracy. They are so intertwined with what they believe to be the truth now that they won’t actually see the truth for what it is. It does irritate me a little bit but it’s just kind of nature of the job I suppose.

— Louis Tomlinson

While this statement made big waves in fandom communities, some K-Pop fans were unfamiliar with the situation, so others “translated” for them!

In one viral tweet, a fan compared the situation to former EXO‘s Luhan potentially saying that people who shipped/continue to ship him and Sehun were “delusional” in a magazine. The two EXO members were so heavily shipped that fans held a “wedding ceremony” well after Luhan’s departure.

(right to left) Luhan and EXO’s Sehun
The HunHan wedding. | dreembella/X

A similar tweet explained it similarly, using ex-DBSK‘s Jaejoong and current TVXQ member Yunho as an example.

(left to right) Jaejoong and TVXQ’s Yunho

Hilariously enough, many K-Pop fans unfamiliar with One Direction found these examples helpful!

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