JTBC’s popular program ‘Tokpaone 25si’ is

JTBC’s popular program ‘Tokpaone 25si’ is set to captivate viewers with the first live performance of Lee ChanWon’s new song ‘Sky Travel’ in the upcoming broadcast, along with a virtual journey that highlights the charm of Mongolia’s Khövsgöl Ice Festival and Chile

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The episode, airing on April 22, 2024, at 8:50 PM, promises a delightful experience filled with special travel destinations and news of Lee ChanWon’s comeback.

One of the most anticipated moments of the broadcast is when Lee ChanWon reveals his new album’s title track ‘Sky Travel’ live for the first time. It is reported that this album consists solely of his own compositions, raising expectations for a performance filled with his musical growth and sincerity. There has been continuous admiration among the cast members for Lee ChanWon’s live performance of his new song.

Additionally, guest Julien Kang draws attention by listing the TOP 5 entertainers known for their fighting skills. The curiosity is growing as to who these individuals with overwhelming physicality are, and who among the ‘Tokpaone 25si’ members will be crowned as the muscle king and the weakest link through a muscle diagnosis.

The broadcast also explores Mongolia’s Khövsgöl Ice Festival, introducing the festival’s unique scale on Khövsgöl Lake, which is 1.5 times the size of Jeju Island, along with ice driving and shamanic rituals. The first introduction of a trip to Chile on ‘Tokpaone 25si’ will be filled with a variety of attractions, including the beauty of Santiago, the story of its youngest-ever president Gabriel Boric, the vibrant murals of Valparaíso, and the mystery of the Moai statues.

Alongside Lee ChanWon’s new song live, from Mongolia’s Ice Festival to Chile’s hidden charms, ‘Tokpaone 25si’ is ready to offer viewers a new world experience this week. Expectations are gathering for this broadcast, which will simultaneously provide joy through both travel and music.

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