Joo Won And Kwon Nara Predict

Joo Won And Kwon Nara Predict Their Forthcoming Parting In “The Midnight Studio”

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.

The newly released stills feature Ki Joo and Bom going on a date at an amusement park. As opposed to the romantic atmosphere, the eyes of the two who are looking at each other are filled with sadness.

Viewers can guess the reason for their sadness from the teaser clip for episode 12. The teaser previews Ki Joo being taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Then, a shocking scene follows where Ki Joo’s hand passes through Bom’s body when he tries to reach her. Ki Joo appears before Bom as a ghost and apologizes, “I promised not to make you cry anymore. I’m sorry,” tugging at viewers’ heartstrings.

More still images below capture Ki Joo discovering an unexpected object in a place that appears to be somebody’s house while investigating Kim Sung Soo. The item turns out to be a flyer looking for his missing uncle Ki Won, raising curiosity as to whose house Ki Joo finds the flyer in.

The production team remarked, “In tonight’s (April 22) episode, unpredictable developments will unfold as the identity of the real culprit will be revealed and Ki Joo will go back and forth between life and death. Please stay tuned to see whether Ki Joo and Bom’s safe zone romance will end like this. It will be an episode that viewers absolutely must not miss.”

Episode 12 of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 22 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Until then, catch up on the drama below:

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