Ji Sung Returns in Thrilling New

Ji Sung Returns in Thrilling New Drama “Connection”

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In a highly anticipated comeback, actor Ji Sung is set to grace the small screen after a two-year hiatus with the new SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Connection.” Premiering on May 24th at 10 PM, “Connection” follows the riveting tale of a narcotics detective who, after being forcibly addicted to drugs by an unknown assailant, unravels the twisted tale of friendship spanning 20 years, ignited by the death of a friend. This “addiction chase suspense” drama promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Since his last appearance in the 2022 drama “Adamas,” Ji Sung’s return has been eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. “Connection” is already being hailed as one of the most anticipated works of the first half of 2024, thanks to the powerhouse collaboration between writer Lee Hyun, known for his solid writing in “Diary of a Prosecutor,” and director Kim Moon-kyo, whose meticulous direction shone in “Trolley.”

The production company behind “Connection” has heightened expectations, stating, “With Ji Sung, whose name is synonymous with trust, along with critically acclaimed actors such as Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yul, and Kim KyungNam undergoing daring transformations, we are set to create a masterpiece that showcases the perfect synergy of writer, director, and actors.” Moreover, the initially revealed official logo of “Connection” has sparked immense curiosity. Despite its simple appearance – a stark black background with the title in bright yellow – it leaves a strong impact, suggesting that the color yellow in the drama will symbolize an extraordinary narrative far removed from its conventional associations with hope and positivity.

As anticipation builds, the significance behind the visually striking “Connection” logo and what stories it will unveil has become a focal point of interest. With its premiere just around the corner, “Connection” is poised to weave a gripping narrative of addiction, mystery, and altered friendships that promises to captivate audiences and critics alike, marking Ji Sung’s dramatic return to the home theater.

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