Japanese Star Goes Viral As BTS

Japanese Star Goes Viral As BTS Jungkook’s Lookalike

…and for resembling a handful of other K-Celebrities, too!

A Japanese star Leiya Seguchi, belonging to the group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, has become a viral sensation among Korean netizens for his resemblance to BTS‘s Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse Magazine

…and a handful of other K-Celebrities!

theqoo post has since garnered over 64K views, with hundreds of comments debating which “faces” they see in Seguchi’s.

Some of the most mentioned names—in addition to BTS Jungkook’s—include HIGHLIGHT‘s Yang Yoseob and idol-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik

HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob (left) and idol-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik (right) | Dispatch & SEED

…as well as comedian Yoo Se Yoon and actor Shin Ha Kyun.

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon (left) and actor Shin Ha Kyun | RadioStar & Segye
| theqoo
  • “I see Yang Yoseob, Jungkook, Shin Ha Kyun, and Yoo Se Yoon.”
  • “Jungkook, Yoo Se Yoon, Park Hyung Sik, and PD Na Young Seok.”
  • “Jungkook…?”
  • “Park Hyung Sik.”
  • “I see Park Hyung Sik.”
  • “I think Jungkook, Park Hyung Sik, and Shin Ha Kyun.”
  • “I said Yang Yoseob the second I saw his picture. Haha.”
  • “He’s like a mix between Jungkook and Kang Hyung Wook.”

Others saw wilder variations…

Leiya Seguchi | @leiya_seguchi_official/Instagram

…like the popular dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook and the fictional character Tanaka Yukio (created by comedian Kim Kyung Wook).

| theqoo
  • “Yoo Se Yoon, maybe?”
  • “His facial expressions remind me of Yang Se Hyung, actually. Haha.”
  • “In one of the pictures, he looks like Lee Dong Gook. I don’t remember Lee Dong Gook’s face all too well, but yeah. He looks like one of the ahjussis.”
  • “I just watched a Kang Hyung Wook video, so that might be why. But I totally see Kang Hyung Wook.”
  • “There’s definitely a bit of Jungkook I see.”
  • “Park Hyung Sik.”
  • “To me, he’s Yoo Se Yoon + Park Hyung Sik + Tanaka.”
  • “I see Shin Ha Kyun.”
  • “I think he looks most like Yang Yoseob.”
  • “I see Park Hyung Sik, and then Yang Yoseob, followed by Jungkook.”
Leiya Seguchi | @leiya_seguchi_official/Instagram

Honorable mentions include actors Lee Ki WooOh Jung SePark Eun Seok, as well as idols 2PM‘s Wooyoung, g.o.d‘s Son Hoyoung, and Zior Park.

Actor Lee Ki Woo (left), actor Park Eun Seok (center), and Zior Park (right) | Vogue Korea & Yonhap & Cosmopolitan

Seguchi’s viral fame in Korea might have stemmed from his lookalikes, but Seguchi is an incredible rapper and performer of his own.

Check out their “STARBOYS” music video here!

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/bts-jungkook-leiya-seguchi-fantastics-exile-tribe-japanese-lookalike/

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