Jang YoonJu Announces a New Start:

Jang YoonJu Announces a New Start: Collaborating with XYZ STUDIO

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The diversity and richness of the Korean entertainment industry are always filled with new stories and figures. This time, the attention is on model and actress Jang YoonJu, who is preparing for a new leap by joining hands with management company XYZ STUDIO. Jang YoonJu has received love from the public for her unique acting in various works. Now, with the new contract with XYZ STUDIO, she is ready to open a new chapter in her acting life.

XYZ STUDIO highly evaluates Jang YoonJu’s talent and has announced that it will fully support her to be more active in various fields, including the screen, television, and even variety shows. Jang YoonJu has left a deep impression on audiences as Baek MiSun in ‘Queen Of Tears’ on tvN, and she is expected to return as Detective Bong in ‘Veteran 2’, showcasing her charm once again. Moreover, she is anticipated to unfold a depth of acting by taking on the role of a high school teacher, HeeYeon, in ‘The Bare Minimum’.

Kim HyungDae, the CEO of XYZ STUDIO, based on his experience at KeyEast, is successfully managing not only Jang YoonJu but also other actors like Jo BoAh and Ji HyeWon. The new contract with Jang YoonJu hints that XYZ STUDIO will play an even more significant role in the Korean entertainment industry.

There is growing anticipation for Jang YoonJu’s future endeavors. Her diverse and deeper acting is expected to receive a lot of love from the public. With the new contract with XYZ STUDIO, there is much anticipation about how Jang YoonJu will appear in front of us and what new stories her acting will create. Please send a lot of support and interest to Jang YoonJu and XYZ STUDIO’s future.

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