Jang Bbijju, a legend on YouTube,

Jang Bbijju, a legend on YouTube, is embarking on a new creative journey

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Jang Bbijju, who has opened new horizons for animation content on YouTube with an overwhelming number of subscribers, announced a temporary halt to his channel activities and a fresh start. With over 3.6 million subscribers, Jang Bbijju has been loved by many fans for his unique humor and creative storytelling. However, he temporarily suspended the operation of his channel, ‘Jang Bbijju’, since last year and has been preparing for a new leap.

Now, Jang Bbijju has launched a new YouTube channel called ‘South Korean Park’ and announced his official activities as a director. This channel, which holds the identity of a comedy animation studio targeted at Korean adults, has attracted attention quickly with bold topics and sharp expressions. In just one year since its launch, it has surpassed 1 million subscribers, showing an amazing growth rate and currently being loved by 1.26 million subscribers.

Through the operation of ‘South Korean Park’, Jang Bbijju expressed his ambition to unfold various creative activities free from resource overload and material constraints. Through this channel, he plans to showcase his capabilities in various fields as a voice actor, writer, and animation director. He also unveiled plans to continue his popular series ‘New Soldier’, which realistically depicts military life and has garnered huge popularity with a total of 390 million views.

Jang Bbijju’s new start signifies more than just a change of channel; it represents an expansion into various realms of creation, surpassing the limitations as a YouTube creator. His new challenge is expected to contribute to the qualitative change of YouTube content, and there is high anticipation for the diverse works he will present in the future. Jang Bbijju’s creative journey will continue, and looking forward to his new endeavors is sure to be an interesting endeavor.

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