“Island 2: N/a” – The Birth

“Island 2: N/a” – The Birth of a New Girl Group

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Tonight, the project “Island 2: N/a” that will write a new history in K-pop begins its journey through CJ ENM’s Mnet. This goes beyond a simple audition program and is a project gathering anticipation with Mnet’s unique format and the participation of world-renowned producer TEDDY. “Island 2: N/a” aims for the birth of an iconic collaboration girl group that has never been seen before.

Four years after presenting the boy group ENHYPEN to the world with “I-LAND” in 2020, this program returns with a new season. It offers a narrative of fierce competition among participants in the intersecting spaces of ‘I-LAND’ and ‘GROUND,’ suggesting a new worldview. This season, a collaboration with The Black Label promises even more sophisticated and innovative music and stories.

Especially, “Island 2: N/a” introduces a character universe with AI technology through the official character ‘Nasuri,’ and adopts the ‘I-MATE’ system to form a strong bond between participants and viewers. This means viewers can find their favorite idol and share their destiny with them.

This season gains more attention with BIGBANG’s TaeYang, hitmaker 24, and VVN taking on the role of producers, raising expectations on what new stars their expertise and passion will bring to life. Furthermore, Monika and Lee Jung, who sparked a dance craze with “Street Woman Fighter,” join as performance directors, and actor Song Kang takes on the role of storyteller to enhance the immersion of the program.

The 24 participants have already left a strong impression through unit performance videos and the signal song ‘FINAL LOVE SONG’ released before the broadcast. Who among them will capture the hearts of global K-pop fans and stand on the stage of their dreams? “Island 2: N/a” will unfold the stories of participants with limitless possibilities.

Watching the journey of “Island 2: N/a” to the birth of a new girl group and their shining future is not just a spectacle but a journey to be shared. If you are ready to open a new chapter in K-pop, join us tonight on Mnet.

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